Greek Islands

The Islands of Greece are popular holiday destination in Europe. Hot summer and the Mediterranean Sea make it perfect place to spend vacation. In this post I will check the popularity of the Wikipedia articles related to Greek islands and see how this popularity looks in different languages.

Rodos -- popular holiday destination in Greece

Rhodes — one of the popular holiday destination in Greece

There are more than 1000 island in Greece, but of course not all are significant tourist destination. In fact less than 250 are inhabited. I will focus on the following four, as it seems these are the most popular: Crete (the largest Greek island), Rhodes, Kos, and Corfu. I will check Wikipedia articles in the following languages: English, French, German, Hebrew, Polish, Russian and Swedish. English as a international language used widely across the globe will probably be harder to connect with any holiday patterns.

First of all, let’s look on the popularity of Rhodes island. In each country we can see growing number of page views in the spring/summer season, which let us believe that travel pattern can have impact on Wikipedia logs.

Page views for 'Rhodes' article on Wikipedia.

Page views for ‘Rhodes’ article on Wikipedia.

What about the popularity of each island? There is common pattern in all languages. Crete as the largest island has the most page views. Probably people are looking for information not necessary related to tourism, but there is huge growth in the spring/summer season, so as least part of the traffic is generated by tourists.

Rhodes and Corfu usually have similar popularity, leaving Kos at the end. But, as we will see there are some differences among the countries.

Polish and German Wikipedia share some patterns. Crete is the most popular article and the rest three islands have similar number of page views. On the other hand, Poles seemed to be much more interested in Kos and Corfu in July which was unique — no other language version had this kind of fascination.

German and Polish articles page views.

Page views for German and Polish articles on Wikipedia

Quite surprisingly, French and Russian Wikipedia showed also some similarities. Kos was quite unpopular in those languages. Rhodes and Corfu shared the same number of page views:

French and Russian Wikipedia page views

Page views of French and Russian articles on Wikipedia

Hebrew and Swedish versions have little page views when compared with other languages (<200). Rhodes tends to by the second most popular place. Moreover on Hebrew Wikipedia you can easily see much higher values in the spring and summer than in the winter.

Hebrew and Swedish Wikipedia page views

Page views of Hebrew and Swedish articles on Wikipedia

Growing page views in the summer suggest that this activity can somehow related to holidays.  It could be interesting to check this for a longer period to verify seasonal patterns or even better to compare the results with other sources to make some stronger conclusions about travel habits.