Wigle Wifi


If you don’t know Wigle Project check this out. It’s a project started in 2001 which tries to create a world map of Wifi networks. You can participate by downloading Andoird application and scanning network in your neighbourhood. Then you can export registered networks or share it by uploading the data to Wigle project. Sounds great! I have some ideas for another blog post.
Scanning process requires GPS positioning, so it can be power consuming, but when driving in a car with smart phone plugged in you can scan without limits.
WiGLE Wifi


Some time ago I mentioned OpenPaths — app that keeps track of your location. After 6 months of using it I can see that it’s great for registering your habits (where you spent most of your time, travel patterns, etc.) but it has some limitations. The location is registered quite rare (probably in order to preserve power on your smart phone). It could be nice if we could define update frequency more flexible. There is a settingfor that, but it doesn’t seem to be working that way.
Anyway great application if you want to have “log” of your life.