Oktoberfest is the largest beer and folk festival in the world. In 2013 6.7 million people visited that event. Looking at the total page views on Wikipedia it looks that people read about Oktoberfest mainly in German and English. Other languages especially from neighboring countries were much lower:



It may be surprising, but only beer brewed from Munich local breweries can be served during Oktoberfest. There are six breweries that conform all the criteria and among them Löwenbräu seems to be the most popular on Wikipedia (especially on English pages). Paulaner brewery has also high position in both languages and it has a significant peak of popularity an the beginning of Oktoberfest (along with Hacker-Pschorr).


Other Oktoberfest-related readings

There are many other articles on Wikipedia that are linked from Oktoberfest page. Some of them (especially those related to the event) share common popularity patterns with the main article. Lederhosen – the leader breeches worn on Oktoberfest – is one of the examples. Besides that quite popular was Maß, the 1 liter beer mug:


There is one more example of article that got many page views on the beginning of Oktoberfest. That’s Reinheitsgebot, so called beer purity law, regulations which limit the ingredients that can be used in beer:



One important remark in the end: hundreds or thousands of page views is rather small number when compared with 6.7 million visitors of Oktoberfest (2013), so any conclusions based only on Wikipedia data can be highly inaccurate.