House of Cards

It’s been over a month since House of Cards season 3 release, so we can check now in which countries this Netflix¬†series attracted most people. I will also try to compare popularity of some actors and directors which are related to the latests episodes.

It’s not a big secret that most of the page views come from the English Wikipedia. Probably many non-English users also visit English page when they want to check the most recent updates about the movie. But still it looks quite differently when we compare the popularity (page views / total page views for given language) instead of page views:

House of Cards popularity on Wikipedia

On Italian Wikipedia this article was most popular, than we have Portuguese and Chinese followed by English, Spanish and Dutch. It seems that House of Cards is very popular also in countries where Netflix is still not available.

Frank and Claire Underwood

Kevin Spacey and Robin Wright shared some popularity patterns, but there are  differences among languages. For example on Portuguese Wikipedia Kevin Spacey gained more attention, whereas on most of the languages they both had similar number of page views (or Robin Wright was slightly more popular):

Kevin Spacey and Robn Wright page views on Wikipedia after releasing season 3 of House of Cards

Zoe Barns still alive (in Germany)

What really surprised me was the fact that Kate Mara (she played journalist Zoe Barnes, murdered in season 2) still follows the typical House of Cards pattern. Most noticeable on German Wikipedia:

Kate Mara popularity after realsing Seson 3 of House of Cards

This could be coincidence, but maybe people preferred to watch season 2 again before enjoying season 3.

Pussy Riot

Pussy Riot members appeared in one of the episodes and speak up to the Russian president visiting the White House. This had a follow-up in Wikipedia traffic in many languages, but not in Russian:

Pussy Riot popularity on Wikipedia after releasing seson 3 of House of Cards


In the latest House of Cards season two episodes were directed by Agnieszka Holland. I checked popularity of others directors and it seems that only James Foley had a higher number of page views. I didn’t included Robin Wright here, who also directed two episodes, because as a main actress she had a much higher number of readers on Wikipedia than directors:

House of Cards directors