This time I will check the popularity of various cocktails on Wikipedia. I will analyse only English content and try to discover which drinks become popular on a particular time of the year.

What do people drink?

There is a Wikipedia page that lists IBA Officail Cocktails and that was the starting point. I focused only on the articles linked from that list.

When we look at the total number of page views from last year we will see that the top 3 cocktails are:

  • Martini
  • Old fashioned
  • Mojito

For me Old fashioned on second position was a surprise. Here is the top-cocktails chart:

Top cocktails on Wikipedia

When do people drink?

Or at least: when do people think about drinks? One surprise is that in 2013 the page views were much higher that in 2014. This is can be easily noticed almost in every analysed article.

When we look at the popularity of individual cocktails during the last two years we can see that some drinks have their own popularity patterns. Mojito, for example, seems to be more popular in June/July whereas Martini and Old fashioned in the winter:

Top 3 cocktals on Wikipedia

 Which cocktails are becoming more popular this year?

Although the number of page views are generally decreasing this year, there are some exception. For example Moscow Mule (along with Negroni and Sidecar) have slightly higher number of readers that they had a year ago the same time. Look at the values for October:

Cocktails that become more popular this year (Wikipedia page views)

Some cocktails become very popular in short period of time because of certain events. Caipirinha, a drink based on Brazil’s most common liquor is a good example. We can see  similar number of page views during the year with significant boost in June/July, probably connected with 2014 FIFA World Cup (which took place in Brazil):

Caipirinha popularity during FIFA World Cup (Wikipedia page views)

New Year’s Eve

This pattern is not a surprise. New Year’s Eve means higher number of page views followed by a decrease in the beginning of January. However, there are some exception to this rule. Moscow Mule for example had it’s peak few days before Xmas. On the other hand, Grasshopper gained some attention in January. Also, notice the Blood Mary popularity on January 1st. It’s slightly less popular than on December 31, but still outstanding. Probably people considered that cocktail as a cure to hangover.

Cocktails popularty durign Christmas / New Year (Wikipedia page views)

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